There is no better way to enjoy Miami than from the water! Many key activities and destinations for day charters include:

- Cruise around Monument Island
- Dance to your favorite beats at the Sand Bar
- View the Scarface house from the waters of Key Biscayne
- Anchor where the famous Columbus Day Regatta is held each year at Elliott Key
- Stop for a quick cocktail or to dine at one of the new hottest restaurants on the Miami River


We are Directly Connected to Charter Yachts Locally and Throughout the World. Yachts are available for day or term charter. Whether you are looking to spend a day, weekend or a month we would be glad to create your ideal charter.


Contact Us Today to Book Your Yacht Charter.

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e: barclaytuck@gmail.com

Base Charter Specifications: 

-   Day Charter: Fuel for Idle Speed Included in Half Day (4 Hours) or Full Day (8 Hours)

-   Day, Night or Term Charters Available

-   Coast Guard Regulations Limits the Number of Charter Guests to 12

-   There is No Beverage or Food Included with  Base Charter


Provided by Request and Additional Charge:

Refreshments: Whatever your catering needs, we have you covered. We work with a wonderful Gourmet Food Delivery Service as well as a High-End Liquor Store. Payment is required at the time order is placed. 

- VIP Experience: We can provide you access to top Clubs, Restaurants and Resorts.

- Transportation: Whether you require a Jet, Exotic Car or Driver during your visit we will be glad to accommodate you.


As charters vary through each individual's wants and needs, we can give you the most accurate rate through your inquiry.  Please contact BARCLAY TUCK YACHTS for your personalized charter details.


 All Major forms of Payment accepted. Net Rate to the Boat plus 6% tax to be paid in full before the charter.  An additional 20% tip to Crew is customary.